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Ha Van Hotel & The Rooftop Lounge

Nha Trang's favorite hangout since 2007

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Mamma Linh/Mamma Hanh Boat Tours in Nha Trang
Party Boats or Snorkeling Trips (with photos below)

4 Islands Boat Trip (7USD)

This is probably the most popular tour of Nha Trang; some hate it others love it! Suite best for the younger crowds or the young at heart I would describe the Mamma Linh (one company, many crews; all similar) tour as a ''Party Boat'' more than an excursion on Nha Trang Bay's islands. Sure, you will see 4 islands but actually visit only 2 (and pay a small fee to enter). The main interesting part would be the open water snorkelling, the buffet served on the boat, the dancing and singing and of course the booze served at the floting bar! Here a interesting entry from a blogger on Travbuddy. If you are looking for a day on the beautiful Nha Trang Bay and partying this day trip is highly recommended!
Departure time: around 8h30 from your hotel
Arrival time: around 15h30

Mamma Hanh Snorkeling Boat Trip (15USD)

Similar to the 4 Islands Boat trips (same kind of boats, crews and foods) the snorkeling tours are intentionally made for those who couldn't t care less for the ''party'' part of the 4 Island Boat Trip. No singing, no karaoke, less drinking and no island visitation. On the other hand, you still get the very nice on-board buffet. Moreover, groups going to the snorkeling tours are capped at 20 persons per boats unlike the boats for the 4 Island Boat trip which can hold up to 40 persons. Obviously, at 15 USD is twice the 7USD asked for the 4 Islands boat why should you chose that tour?
The main reason is that you would spend much more time snorkeling in the warm water of the East Sea (South China Sea) and you would go to the best spots of Nha Trang Bay, the ones that are visited by the diving schools. Those spots are just amazing; clear blue water, beautiful coral reefs and many different fishes species.

All equipments (mask, fins and snorkel), a very nice Vietnamese buffet with many choices and shuttle bus from/to your hotel are included in the price.
Departure times: 7H30 and 8h30
Arrival times to your hotel: 14h30 and 15h30

If you are staying at the Ha Van Hotel, you can book the 4 Islands Boat Trip or the Snorkeling Tour directly at the reception before 7h00 or 8h00 (for the 4 Islands tours) the same day (better to book in advance though). The tours goes on every day from 7h30 until around 16h00.

For those wanting to book in advance or that are staying in other hotels, you can do it here by filling the form below and state that you want the 4 Islands Boat Trip or the Snorkeling Tour. We will do a ''pre-booking'' for you and you will have to come see us to pay at least one day in advance. On the day of your trip, come wait with our guests at the hotel and you will be picked off!